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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brett says the cutest things....

Last night Brett and Brandon were wrestling. Brett of course is probably the most aggressive boy in the family, so he was really into it.
Brandon said in his "wrestling voice" .....Boy, you want me to get on top of you!
And proceeds to dog pile Brett.

Brett in his "wrestling voice" said ....Oh want me to sloppy joe you!

I'm sitting at the computer listening to it all and had to chuckle at what Brett thought Brandon was saying to him. Michael said it was a blogging moment : )

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gingerbread Train

My best friends mom (yes, her sweet was that?) sent the kids a Gingerbread Train for Christmas. They have been waiting for over a week to work on it. Well the day has finally come. It's cold and wet outside, all the presents are done and all neighbor and office gifts have been distributed. So, now it's time for some fun! (Brandon was out with friends today, so he may be a little unhappy with us....but in this house, you snooze, you lose : )

THANK YOU LEAH for sending this thoughtful and wonderful gift to the kids. They loved it!

We caught her!

Kaila decided to go outside last night to test out her electric scooter. She put on her Dad's OSU jacket (one she swore she'd never be caught wearing) and off she went. Well of course her dad saw the jacket and was like "WHERE'S THE CAMERA??!!"

Michael wasn't letting go until we got the picture! Doesn't she look like she should be going to OSU right now? She is getting so tall!

Friday, December 19, 2008


.....probably not.

Because a superwoman wouldn't get stressed out over all the things she has to do!
I had a small breakdown last night. I had a mental "mind" breakdown. Those are the kind you talk to yourself in your head....sort of a vent session with my head. ( now maybe I'm mental?) I was trying to give the rest of the family a break, so I kept it to myself.
Now they can all just read about it :)

Christmas is done almost 100% by me. I say almost because the money comes from my dear husband, but the grunt work of finding, deciding, wrapping and shipping comes from me. If you asked him, he would probably say he did the grunt work to begin with to get the money---it's an arguement that neither one of us would win!

Last night I baked 8 Dozen of my famous chocolate chip cookies (they are so good) for my dear daughter who tells me when she gets home she needs them, I made 6 batches of caramel popcorn, got all kids teacher gifs wrapped and I completed our NCL, Inc. Keller Chapter newsletter (I swear it's a 20 hour process to complete!). I felt like SUPERWOMAN!

Today I slept in : ) Superwoman was tired!
I'm getting read to take Brett to a doctor's appointment, then I'm home to put on my Superwoman cape to finish wrapping up neighbor gifts (those were done last week!), stopping off at the grocery store, making 30 jars of homemade salsa for gifts for Michael's employees, clean the downstairs tornado mess's really bad, and in between all this I have to start moving files from my old computer to a zip drive --it's getting wiped out tomorrow : (

I am happy to say that I have about 90% of the Christmas gifts done for the family. I just need to wrap them, and prepare some for shipping. Tomorrow my mom is coming out to finish her shopping, my shopping and shipping......I can't wait for it to be all over!!!
Merry Christmas??