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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Golf Banquet

Kaila was asked to attend the high school Golf Banquet on April 30th with a friend from school.  I told her I was not going to be home because I was out of town. That meant her Dad was going to be home when her "date" picked her up : )

I asked for a few pictures of course! She looked beautiful as usual. Thankfully she was willing to wear her dress she wore to an NCL event back in March so I didn't have drive myself crazy looking for a dress.
Her date, Asa I hear was very nice. My husband said he told him when the banquet was over, when he thought they would be home and if they were going to be late, he would call him!!
HOW SWEET WAS THAT?  His momma should be so proud of him. I hope my boys act the same way when the time comes.

Scary @$$ Easter Bunny!

Kaila volunteered to be the neighborhood Easter Bunny this year.  OMG! That costume my neighborhood rented was scary! It looks like something you'd see in the movies with some bad guy inside it.
Kaila was a trooper but said next year she wasn't doing it!  I don't blame her after having wearing that dirty thing.

Sean finally gets to come in contact with Tooth Fairy!

Sean is almost in the 2nd Grade and he has FINALLY lost a tooth.  As a matter of fact, he has now lost 2 teeth. (I'm behind on blogging :)

He has been wiggling, pulling, yanking, name it, that tooth has gone through it all.
But it finally came out!
What did the Tooth Fairy bring?  A Webkin, a dollar and a gold dollar.
What did Sean think about that?
Well at first he only found the Webkin. Kaila asked him if he got any money and he informed us that his Tooth Fairy was CHEAP because all she brought was a Webkin.
But then Kaila found the money on his floor, so the Tooth Fairy is back in good standings.

2nd Tooth he got a Boxing Wii game and a dollar.
Does the Tooth Fairy always bring presents??  What happen to just a dollar?