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Monday, December 7, 2009

I wanted to start a new tradition....

I thought with all the things I have to do around here that I'd start a new tradition this Christmas. No Christmas lights outside (thought why not save a little money this year and forget about the lights outside) and no Christmas Tree.

I tried to sell it to the kids saying how cool it would be if we had a Christmas "rug". Santa would bring all of our presents and place them on our special rug. Why be like everyone else and put up a Christmas tree? We could be cool and have a Christmas rug! Just think about all the room we'd have for presents if we didn't put up the huge tree.

I thought for sure Sean and Brett would be on board. I knew Kaila and Brandon could care less. How great to not have to put all the lights up, drag the tree out and all the ornaments. Then what a great bonus that after Christmas we would not have to put anything away! We'd still have a great Christmas, just without all the fluff. Presents would still be here, family would still come and we'd have lot of fun times sitting around the Christmas rug.

I lost.

I spent 6 hours outside doing Christmas lights, garland and all the fluff. I am thankful that Brandon helped me the entire time and Michael stepped in to help with the garland around the door.

Christmas Rug got moved out of the room and in came the huge tree. Fully decorated by Sean, Brett and Kaila. But I will not go back in there and rearrange all the ornaments......if they like having 5 ornaments on one branch, then so be it.

Oh well....someday I'll get my Christmas Rug idea to work.