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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mission not impossible!

I'm on a mission to
get meals on the table this year!

I had a Homemade Gourmet party at my house and because I hosted the party I ended up having 4 meals in 4 minutes put in my freezer!
The party was great. I had 11 guests and I can't believe they purchased over $800 in product. So I got alot of free stuff for hosting! Most of the ladies bought dinner kits and brought their chicken in freezer bags and they too went home with 4 meals!
It was fun and I don't mind spending money on things I can use for dinner....that and books.

Now the task is trying the meals to see what I like the best. So I'm going to blog about my meals on my new cooking blog -- OMG! They ate it! I'll share what my family loved, liked and will pass on next time!

I'm getting a new shipment of products in tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to creating a bunch of different meals and throwing them in the freezer. Soccer season is starting soon and it will be great to have a meal available anytime!

If anyone wants to try Homemade Gourmet products, check out my website:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Book Fair #15 completed!

Kaila was there to help with the Teacher's Wish List party I catered. I made Chili, Buffalo Chicken Dip (thanks Bethany!), desserts and more! The teachers loved it and I loved doing it.

I found some great volunteers who helped me set up the fair. We accomplished all of this in 2.5 hours!
The decorations that I made....this is what keeps me up for hours at night! I get an idea in my head and I can't sleep until I finish it.
In my lifetime I have put together 15 Book Fairs! I spend hours and hours planning them and I do this months in advance. Then I find myself not sleeping because I'm always working on a project to make the fair the best it can be for the kids. This year I had Kaila dress up as Clifford and best friend Mercedes was "Emily Elizabeth." The kids loved seeing them! Plus the girls got out of school early and earned a few extra Green Cord Hours. Sean and Brett loved coming by the Library several days to give me a hug as I was there for a week from the time they opened until the closed! I think I put in about 59 volunteer hours. And what a week it was! I had all 3 boys catch a 24 hour virus. They all threw up...JOY...and you know kids don't do that during the day, they have to wait until 1:00 in the morning. Thank goodness for Michael who stepped in and took 2 days off from work to take care of them so I could run the Book Fair. By Friday evening it was my turn to be sick. I think I was more tired then anything else, but I did feel horrible!
It was so cute to see kids today in the hallway now that the Book Fair is over who just light up when they see me and say HELLO! I don't know them but they know me from the Book Fair. That's the best part of being the Book Fair Chairperson!

Still playing "Blog Catch Up!"

Picking Peanuts off Dad's Peanut Plant! They love picking peanuts. I love growing things in the backyard, but I don't like eating it. Michael on the other hand likes to grow things and eat it. We attempt peanuts, lemons, peaches, pumpkin, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, jalapenos and bell peppers (my mom comes and takes all the bell peppers.)
I made 12 of these this year. I think I can work at Nothing Bundt Cakes now. I thought the ornaments helped make the cake look better. They were packaged in cute little pink polka dot boxes. I finally got to dust off my cake decorating supplies that I collected a few years ago.

Christmas Parties at school! My favorite gift to give teachers is a container with school supplies in it. I always but extra when school starts just for gifts. This was my first year to go to their school Christmas parties. (I'm so lucky to be able to do this!---thanks to my wonderful husband.)

I Love My Family Time!

Fun times when the weather is nice! We love to go in family walks. We either walk 2.5 miles or 5 miles. It all depends on the weather. We park one at the half way mark. This is also were we stop and have a picnic and feed the duck. Then we drive to our starting point to start our walk. We have all enjoyed. We always play "Who sees a squirrel first" Yeah, sure you think that's easy, right.....but whenever you want to find a squirrel you never can!
I'm can't wait for the weather to get warmer because for Christmas we all got little fishing poles. After our picnics at the 2.5 mile mark we can fish for a little bit! The boys are so excited. (I kind of think Kaila is too : )

Catching up on the Meyer Boys

Brandon has completed his first attempt at playing football on a team at Indian Springs Middle School. I think he had fun! He said he wanted to try out again in 8th grade. Now he is on to Cross Country. For a kid who has asthma, he is doing really well. He was on the B team and came in 4oth place out of 200. They only gave ribbons to the top 40. His time for that track meet bumped him up to the A Team during his 2nd meet and he came in 30th. (his goal was 39th funny is that?) The weather has been horrible so meets keep getting cancelled and they don't make them up. It's kind of sad because he has been training so hard everyday at school. But at least he'll be in great shape for Rec Soccer starting soon. After Cross Country will be Track then Soccer at school. It's fun to watch him. He surprises me all the time!

The Elementary School had Drug Awareness Week so it was Crazy Hat Day. For anyone who has young kids, start collecting hats and keep them in a clearly marked container so you can have access to them when you actually need them. Brandon decided to get in the mix with this cardboard contraption his Grandpa had to have while he was in Missouri. It's a hat here but usually I stick a glass vase in it that holds pens in my craft room. I can't believe Grandpa paid $5 bucks for that thing!

Then before Christmas Break Brett and Sean had PJ Day! So I couldn't resist buying new pajamas because we all know the ones you really wear are ratty, old and don't match.

We had Rodeo Day January 28th! (Again...if you have Elementary kids put those hats away in a safe place. I swear I keep buying Cowboy Hats every year.)
100th Day of School - February 9, 2010 Sean trying to look old. I stuffed his shirt with quilt batting and poured baby powder on his head. I said he looked like an old Japanese Professor. Then after school when I went to watch Brett in his 100th day parade I was able to snap a picture of him with his 1st grade teacher Mrs. Linenberger! She looked good dressed as an old lady!
And YES...I recycled Sean's 100th Day poster from last year! (take a look...and yes I'll do the same for 50's day and I did the Candy Cane Valentine's Day Hearts again this year!) I say if the project is not for a grade, then you can reuse it. 1. I taught Brett that recycling was good. 2. It taught Brett how to save money and not waste things when you have something you can use and 3. he did have to glue some wiggly eyes back on to the board so he did have a hand in the project....THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO IT.
Besides....look how cute he looks in his 100 glasses he made! Just looking at his cute little face makes me want to kiss him. (you know the girls just love him!)---But you have to click on his picture and check out his HAT! (it's upside down....and he was suppose to be 100 days smarter : )

Christmas 2009 -- I know I'm late posting!

We had a Christmas at Grandma and Gramps' house. We usually have 3 a year. The first is on Christmas Eve at my house with just us, then Christmas day my parents and my brother and family come over and then sometime after Christmas we head over to Grandma and Gramps'. (And no...I did not put all the boys in striped shirts. Sean and Brett always want to match either Brandon or their Dad!)
Here is a picture of the Christmas tree that had to go up this year (which by the way I took down all by myself as I predicted.) Just think how many more presents could have fit on a Christmas rug if we didn't set the tree up....I'm just saying.)'s February now and I'm so happy Christmas it is over but I can't believe it's already February!

Where has time gone?

It's been along time since I've blogged!

So I just decided to do a review of what's been going on in the past few months!

On December 13, 2009 my little Sean had his 7th birthday! Mr. Smiley is growing up. We celebrated at home with gifts, ice cream cake and took him out to eat. I just can't believe he is 7.

Michael's brother and his family from Pennsylvania came in for Christmas and we were able to spend a few days with them. It always takes a few hours for Sean and Brett to remember who everyone is because we don't get to see everyone all the time. But as soon as the memory kicks in they are ready to play. For Christmas we were blessed to with extra Nerf Guns which was fun because now we can all get into the Nerf War games around here!
In the mix of all the fun one of my poor brother-in-laws ended up in the hospital with facial cellutitis. He was there for 3 or 4 days. So we didn't get to spend too much time with Michael's sister and family who live here in Keller. But thankfully everything turned out great and he is back to normal!

Bethany wore the perfect sweater for the game. She had her own bullet holder for quick amunition refill! Safety goggles were a must because Sean and Brett would shoot you in the face!

We were all laughing so hard we ended up having a slight headache from laughing, running and bending over to pick up bullets. It was great exercise though!