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Monday, February 8, 2010

Christmas 2009 -- I know I'm late posting!

We had a Christmas at Grandma and Gramps' house. We usually have 3 a year. The first is on Christmas Eve at my house with just us, then Christmas day my parents and my brother and family come over and then sometime after Christmas we head over to Grandma and Gramps'. (And no...I did not put all the boys in striped shirts. Sean and Brett always want to match either Brandon or their Dad!)
Here is a picture of the Christmas tree that had to go up this year (which by the way I took down all by myself as I predicted.) Just think how many more presents could have fit on a Christmas rug if we didn't set the tree up....I'm just saying.)'s February now and I'm so happy Christmas it is over but I can't believe it's already February!

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