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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mission not impossible!

I'm on a mission to
get meals on the table this year!

I had a Homemade Gourmet party at my house and because I hosted the party I ended up having 4 meals in 4 minutes put in my freezer!
The party was great. I had 11 guests and I can't believe they purchased over $800 in product. So I got alot of free stuff for hosting! Most of the ladies bought dinner kits and brought their chicken in freezer bags and they too went home with 4 meals!
It was fun and I don't mind spending money on things I can use for dinner....that and books.

Now the task is trying the meals to see what I like the best. So I'm going to blog about my meals on my new cooking blog -- OMG! They ate it! I'll share what my family loved, liked and will pass on next time!

I'm getting a new shipment of products in tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to creating a bunch of different meals and throwing them in the freezer. Soccer season is starting soon and it will be great to have a meal available anytime!

If anyone wants to try Homemade Gourmet products, check out my website:

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