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Monday, February 8, 2010

Book Fair #15 completed!

Kaila was there to help with the Teacher's Wish List party I catered. I made Chili, Buffalo Chicken Dip (thanks Bethany!), desserts and more! The teachers loved it and I loved doing it.

I found some great volunteers who helped me set up the fair. We accomplished all of this in 2.5 hours!
The decorations that I made....this is what keeps me up for hours at night! I get an idea in my head and I can't sleep until I finish it.
In my lifetime I have put together 15 Book Fairs! I spend hours and hours planning them and I do this months in advance. Then I find myself not sleeping because I'm always working on a project to make the fair the best it can be for the kids. This year I had Kaila dress up as Clifford and best friend Mercedes was "Emily Elizabeth." The kids loved seeing them! Plus the girls got out of school early and earned a few extra Green Cord Hours. Sean and Brett loved coming by the Library several days to give me a hug as I was there for a week from the time they opened until the closed! I think I put in about 59 volunteer hours. And what a week it was! I had all 3 boys catch a 24 hour virus. They all threw up...JOY...and you know kids don't do that during the day, they have to wait until 1:00 in the morning. Thank goodness for Michael who stepped in and took 2 days off from work to take care of them so I could run the Book Fair. By Friday evening it was my turn to be sick. I think I was more tired then anything else, but I did feel horrible!
It was so cute to see kids today in the hallway now that the Book Fair is over who just light up when they see me and say HELLO! I don't know them but they know me from the Book Fair. That's the best part of being the Book Fair Chairperson!

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