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Monday, April 27, 2009

National Charity League, Inc. Keller Chapter

I am on the Board of Directors of the National Charity League, Inc. Keller Chapter. I am currently their Vice President of Communications. I have always known that I was meant to be a stay at home mom and a person who volunteers whether it be at the kids school or through an organization. April 22-24, I went to Atlanta, Georgia to their National Convention with my fellow Board members and friends: Debbi, Margaret and Tracy. This is us at the Tailgate opening ceremony. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who took vacation days to stay home and take care of the kids while I went to have a little girlfriend time! I could not do what I do without him.....!!
Our new running joke "Can I get a high five on that!!???" The guest speaker, I swear said it 6 times. So it sort of grew on us.
We enjoyed dinner together.
And a black dress night!
Then we crammed everyone in a photo booth and laughed our way through 6 photos!
This is just one of the many things Kaila and I do together! Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Fort Worth. We cheered on 17,000 runners as they started the race and stayed until the last person crossed the finish line! It was worthing getting up and being their at 5:30 in the morning!
We were the Cheer Crew!
Mothers and Daughters Serving the Community Together. It's been an amazing first year and I look forward to many more.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009!

We kicked off our Easter by opening up a wonderful Easter surprise box we got from Ms. Becky and family!! My kids LOVE Ms. Becky. She is like an Aunt to them and showers them with goodies. Anytime we get a box on the front porch they always assume that it's from Ms. Becky!
On Friday we colored our Easter eggs. Brandon was at a birthday party so he missed it and Kaila was still out with friends so she missed coloring eggs too! Sean, Brett and Michael seemed to enjoy their time together.Their masterpieces that were later turned into Sean's favorite---Deviled Eggs!

Then on Saturday Kaila and I got up at 4:00 AM to attend the Susan G Komen - Race for the Cure in Fort Worth. Over 17,000 people were in attendance! We were there volunteering through our charity group - National Charity League, Inc. Keller Chapter. We were their "CHEER CREW". It was so much fun cheering on racers as they started and then we ran to the finish line to cheer them all on to the finish. We screamed "Great Job, You did it!" for almost 2 hours straight! What an amazing day to be a part of something like that. We are looking forward to doing it again!
We did get home just in time for our "Neighborhood Easter Party". That's me pictured with the cutest Easter Bunny---any guesses on what beautiful, brown eyed girl was inside???
Before the party was over the parents participated in a balloon blowing contest. We had to blow a balloon up, tie it and give it to our kid who then had to run down, pop it and run back. That's my neighbor Heather in the black. Her son, Brooks and Brandon are friends and we were all competing against each other. Thank goodness Heather can not tie a knot in a balloon : ) Because if she had tied the knot correctly I would have lost! Momma came through for her boys!! I won all 3 times! Blowing air....I can do that....just don't ask Heather and I to race on kids toys...we are accident prone.

Easter Morning---3 boys were happy it was Easter. The oldest child, Miss Kaila felt she was too big to hunt for Easter eggs. But she was informed that if she did not participate, then she would not get to enjoy what was in the eggs.
I had to grab her to take a picture because she was not thrilled about being up so early! (I wish you could have seen how many eggs she had in that bag! For someone who did not want to play....she had a lot of eggs!)
The kids went through 5 clues from the Easter Bunny and finally found their baskets! I think they all had fun!
To end our Easter celebration Michael pulled strawberries from our backyard and found this strawberry....what does it look like to you?