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Friday, February 13, 2009

Catching up in February!

Kaila is taking a photo journalism class at school. Her first assignment was to take pictures of people. Here is 1/2 of our kids on the street! They are all great kids and have fun playing with Kaila. Kaila babysits them all too!

Next is the 100th day of school for Sean! February 5th. He had to create a board that had 100 things on it. So I took him to the craft section of Walmart and he decided on "googly eyes". I decided on the black with orange (Michael was happy with it too...GO POKES!) Pictures below are of Sean and his favorite teacher and his favorite school friend!

Then on February 9th the school had a 50's day. This is my little Fonzie!

Valentine's Day parties at school...Happy Early Valentine's Day! I have always sent in treats for each special party the kids have at school. They just love being able to give things to their friends. I was trying to keep the cost down since all 4 are in school now!! After Christmas I found "Spree" candy canes. (they were colorful and sweet, not peppermint.) I bought 144 candy canes total to make Candy Cane hearts! Cost to make 72 candy canes was $2.47....can't beat that!

Sean and Brett took enough for the class and teachers, and Kaila got a few too. Brandon took fun dips. Everyone left the house happy campers today and came home with a ton of new candy and treats.
Sunday the 15th will be Michael and I's "17th" Wedding Anniversary! WOO HOO! Still going strong. I'm looking forward to many more with him.
Alright that wraps up half of February.

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Heather said...

Awwww! Love that! What a cute pic of all the kids!

And we love us some Mrs. Tully!!! I love Sean's 100 day poster. What a cute idea! He did a great job!