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Friday, November 13, 2009

Bring home the change....

I finally gave in and decided to let Sean and Brett buy their very first tray lunch from the school cafeteria. It was cheese pizza day.

I informed the boys to "bring home their change." Now granted, it would only be maybe 75 cents, but I was trying to train them to not use the extra money to buy the extra junk they have there.
Both boys looked me straight in my eyes and said "Yes ma'am."
They both get home, they thought lunch was great!

I was informed they did not get any change back but the lunch lady said the extra change goes into their lunch be used on future lunch purchases. I was fine with that.

BUT---BRETT was not happy. He wanted his change back. His teacher sees him after lunch and asks him "what's wrong?" because he looked sad.

He looks at his teacher and says the lunch lady didn't give him any change back and that he was planning on using that money to spend at the "Spirit table" after lunch. (A table full of useless junk that I won't let my kids buy from!---and yes, Brett knew that too.)

So his teacher gives him money because she felt bad for him! He comes home with a pencil that smells like fruit and sweater bottle cap pulley thing. With a Texas Longhorn symbol on it!!!

I email Brett's teacher to ask how much money do we owe her and that she really should not have done that.

She said she couldn't standing looking at Brett's sad face and that he was robbed by the lunch lady because she didn't give him his change. LOL

I swear that look at his face and you'll give him anything.


Heather said...

awwweeee. so cute. that's Mrs. Roy for you. I don't even know how much money I probably owe her from last year, when I didn't give Ellison money for the Spirit Shop, because that's what it is... useless junk! And she would turn around and give Ellison money!!! Mrs. Roy doesn't like her babies to be upset!

HalleCaroline said...

Haha thats funny!