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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let's play BALL!!

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It all started when Michael comes around the corner with Sean and Brett....they decided they were going to play baseball right in front of the girls. The girls being myself, Kaila and our neighbors Halle Caroline and Ellison. They were doing their nails on the front porch and I was just catching up on what to expect when Sean gets into 2nd grade!
Sean was first up to bat, however he was holding the bat all wrong! Next thing you know Halle Caroline AND Ellison were showing him how to hold the bat....we were quite impressed because they held it just like a real baseball player. (not bad for a couple of girls : )
Well, then it was game on...

We each took turns. The rules were simple. 3 misses/strikes at anytime or if someone catches your ball you were OUT OF THERE!
I think we ended up playing for 2 hours. I had alot of fun but I have to admit I catch and throw like a girl. But hitting a baseball (well soft plastic ball with a broken down plastic bat) felt nice! I'll probably be sore tomorrow, as my body doesn't handle any form of exercise well : )
I enjoyed playing with the neighbor kids....well until Brooks comes out and starts catching all my balls and making me get out! (but he was the only one with real baseball experience.) We forgot to get pictures of him. He did a great job on catching the ball....the little stinker. They were all great, funny and played so well. I had a great time---thanks for playing with us!


Heather said...

That is so funny! Hey - at least you were out there! I was the loser on the computer inside listening to y'all hooping and hollaring outside. Thanks for playing with my kids. They had a blast!

Brooks said...

That was so much fun, don't take it personal. I was always the best fielder on my baseball team.