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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Zales - The Diamond Store says....

Love Rocks! I'll have to agree. I want to brag a little (actually a lot) on my wonderful husband and kids. Yesterday was my birthday. But the celebration started on Friday.

I get an email from my husband with a menu attachment. The menu was for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. There were several choices to choose from. He made sure to list all my favorite foods and if I couldn't decide I could put "Mike and Kids decide".

Friday night Mike took me out to eat to our new favorite spot "The Corner Stone Bakery." Just the two of us! I got my first birthday present - a membership to Costco. I was thrilled! I had been wanting one for a long time. So that was perfect!

Saturday morning I was spoiled with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a chocolate cake....all made by Mike!
Sean and Brett made several cards for me and 2 bracelets. One said "MOM" and the other said "WE LOVE YOU". They even glow in the dark : )

Kaila and Brandon went and picked out a new pajama top. It is so cute and looks exactly like something I'd wear!

Michael gave me a digital photo frame. I had been wanting to get one for HIM for his office, so he purchased one for me and one for him. PERFECT!

Then my last surprise was a huge box. I opened it and inside was another box. I had no idea what it was (that is very rare with me....I usually know about all my gifts! I was clueless on all my gifts this year.) I got a new Cell Phone! Which I love, love, love! The kids chipped in on this too.

Sunday I got breakfast, lunch and dinner made for me again! Love does Rock!
We hung out around the house playing Wii most of the day.

On Monday, which was my actual birthday (37 years old now). Michael took the day off. I was not expecting anything on my actual birthday because I had everything over the weekend. But Michael took the kids to school for me, I got lunch made for me, and a warm blanket as a gift (Sean and Brett got soft, soft blankets for Christmas and I was saying I really wanted my husband listens very well!)
Then we all went out to Chili's for dinner (my other favorite place to eat.)

Poor Michael has had a hurt back all week but still managed to make my birthday a very special one. He did have to make a trip to the Chiropractor on Monday... twice! Then ice his back with a bag of peas LOL.

So yes Zales.....LOVE does indeed ROCK! (Speaking of ROCKS....I got a beautiful new ring for Christmas from from my wonderful husband : )
Thanks to Michael, Kaila, Brandon, Sean and Brett for loving me the way you made my birthday the best I've ever had. I didn't even mind turning 37!

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