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Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Brett! (March 11th)

My little baby boy turned 5 on March 11th. I can't believe it!
He has been counting down the days and it finally arrived. He took cupcakes to school to share with all his friends. I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he informed me that we were going to "Chili's" for dinner because they knew it was his birthday. He said "They know it's my birthday and they have my chocolate cake."
I told him "Kaila is making a cake for you."
He said "I want my chocolate cake!"
So you can guess where we went. As we finished our dinner he kept asking us "Where is my cake?" We told him that we think they forgot. He said, " have to remind them."
Then out they come singing with this huge Chocolate molten cake! (Which Kaila and I did not get ANY because we gave up chocolate for Lent!!) But we were smart and made a vanilla birthday cake :)

Brett's Grandma and Gramps came out after dinner to shower him with birthday presents and have cake. Brett said he loved all his gifts (he was really easy to please.)
Mrs. Becky our favorite friend who sends the Meyer gifts every year sent the cutest "Shining Star" to Brett. He loved it! The kids get excited when the doorbell rings around holidays or birthday's because they know Mrs. Becky has sent them something fun and wonderful!

This is the LAST year that Sean and Brett get birthday presents on the other ones birthday. I think they are old enough now! (matching bathrobes)
How sad is this? I took 3 months of Cake decorating classes and this is what we come up with? Actually, Kaila just loves to bake, so she gets to make all the treats for the family. Someday, someone will ask me to make a fancy cake for them.

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