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Thursday, July 23, 2009

B-random Man!

My little Boo aka Brandon also has another nickname. We call him "B-random Man" because he says the most random things at the oddest time.
I really should just leave a notebook out and write down all the funny, random things he says. We get a few great laughs out of them.

So today's random thing was:
I'm outside running on the treadmill. He comes outside to tell me his sister is being mean to him. Then he looks over at the treamill readings and says "Hey can drink 2 cokes now because you ran off enough calories for 2."

I had to think for a few minutes what he was saying because we were in the middle of discussing what his sister was doing to him that was so mean.

I love my little Brandom man. Thanks Boo for the great funny memories.

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