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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Country Living!

June 4, 2009:
Every year I invite myself out to my very best friends home....she lives in the country. I say it's the country because if you have to drive more then 5 minutes to get to the grocery store, that's in the country.

This year I took Michael along with me. The kids love going because my friend Becky always has something new to see or do at her home.

So we kicked off our summer with a road trip to Cleburne, Texas. It was about an hour away. Becky always makes a wonderful lunch and then we just sit and catch up while the kids play. Michael and Jack (Becky's husband) ran around doing man things.

Brandon asked if Becky was related to us. I thought it was funny because I've known Becky since Brandon was probably 5 years old. He thought she was his Aunt. It was really cute. I know when a package arrives on our door step everyone says "Aunt Becky" sent us something! Everytime!
Sean, the only person in our house that is not allergic to animals! He LOVED Becky's cats.
Here come the chickens! I took the pictures from a distance. This city girl was too "chicken" to feed them.
The cat was the only animal interested in eating from them.
Momma Chicken could feed them!

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