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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Go Kickers!

Michael stepped up and coached Sean and Brett's indoor soccer team called "The Kickers." It was a very interesting season. We had 8 players on the team and we were lucky to get 4 to show up for a game! (keeping in mind 2 of those players were my own kids!)
Sean plays like just came natural to him. He is the sweet, lovable kid around the house but on the soccer field WATCH OUT!! If he knocks you down, he is not stopping to help you up. He will jump right over you and go for the ball! (It was a proud soccer mom moment....if your a soccer mom, you
understand : )
Brett was funny to watch. He would smile at you and wave and just run along side the ball. We did make him play up with Sean on the indoor team.
In the Fall Brandon, Sean and Brett will all play on 3 separate outdoor soccer teams. Not sure how I'm going to get everyone where they need to be, but I'm praying for a miracle when their practice and games schedules come out. I'm looking forward to watching them all.

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