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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All Caught Up!!

I'm finally caught up on my blog entries! I's suppose to be daily, but look at all the stuff you just got caught up on??

Our next big event is Thankgiving! Not sure what every is planning this year, but I usually cook a bunch of food and welcome all my family members to come and join us. It's nice having everyone over here because Sean and Brett can run free and I don't have to worry about them. Plus there are so many kids on my street that there is always something to do.

Now if I can just remember to take pictures at Thanksgiving so I can blog about it : )

I spent all day working on my blog that I guess I should go and get some housework done....I know Mike will read this and say YEAH YOU DO!


Mandi said...

What a great blog Christine! I bookmarked it to check back when you update! :)

Lisa said...

Hey, you'll have to check out my blog also! I see you have about as many readers as I do, so please read my blog and I'll read yours. lol I always have to beg people to read mine. I can't believe how big Kaila is now! And you're as busy as ever.