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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A day at the Zoo!

Mike took the day off and the kids were off from school, the weather was perfect so what better way to spend the day then at the Zoo?? We were up and out the door early in the morning and arrived when the zoo opened their cages. We didn't tell Sean and Brett until we got there. We wanted it to be a surprise. They were so thrilled. Brandon, I think was excited too, big sister, Kaila maybe not so much. She thought she was too old to go to the zoo. But I think she warmed up after a while.

I have no idea why we are holding hands like this in the picture. I just remember Kaila taking the picture and it taking her 7 tries to get the shot!

Even when Mike has a day off, he is still working!

It's KK Turtle and her friends! She is going to kill me when she reads this. But her knick name is "KK Turtle"....why? Because she is so slow at everything. Slow getting ready to go somewhere, slow getting in or out of the car, slow at trying on that's her name. She was a good sport when we took this picture. That's what we love about her. The willingness to make fun of herself.

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