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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween which by the way...I really can't stand. (The constant rush of getting everyone dressed for Halloween, getting the candy bags ready, the dreaded question of "Is it time to go trick or treating yet?---this starts very early in the day, trying to feed the kids, then the mess that comes after it's all done!! UGH...can't stand Halloween.)

Now that I'm done whining about that....on to what the kids like.

Kaila had 3 of her friends over and they dressed up as the "Scream Character" (I didn't even get a picture!!). I ran all around getting supplies so they could create a haunted house using our pop up sports tent---again no pictures! They had scary music, the fog machine and the sports tent wrapped in black along with a flashing strobe light. I think the neighborhood kids enjoyed themselves. After trick or treating ended our neighborhood had hot dogs, and a kids movie to watch outside. It was right out front in our was really nice!

Sean was a Ninja Turtle - and how bad is this...I didn't get a picture of him! I'm not sure how that happened, oh wait...I know....I was too busy running around trying to get everyone/thing ready. He made a cute turtle though.

Brett was a cowboy riding his friendly horse. Or as Brett called him "Horsey". That I did get a picture, but only because he had a Parade of Costumes at his school the day before : ) Brandon wore this same costume when he was 4. Brett looked just as cute in it. You should have seen all the moms pointing and say "OH MY GOODNESS....HOW CUTE IS THAT?" Really.....HOW CUTE IS THAT??? So cute!

Brandon at first did not have a costume. He has always been this way. He would just wear his soccer uniform and be happy with that. But on Thursday the day before Halloween, I was taking the carpool boys to school and they were all discussing their costumes. Brandon gives me this look of like "Hmmm....I don't have a real costume." You see, every year the boys usually just wear their soccer or baseball uniform, but for some reason this year they decided to get a real costume! I told Brandon I'd go and look while he was at school to see what I could find. (Has anyone every gone to a costume store the day before Halloween???)

I couldn't find anything that I thought he loved so I put on my thinking cap and came up with the perfect costume for him ---- he was an IPOD TOUCH. I went to the craft store and found all the items, came home and printed graphics off the computer and started cutting and glueing. HE LOVED IT!!! He had just received an IPOD TOUCH the other day and loves his IPOD I knew this was the perfect costume for him. He even took his ipod with him and let the music play.

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