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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sean's First day of School!

One looks so happy and the other....well the picture says it all!
Sean was so excited to go to school. He never attended Preschool, so this was all new territory for him. I decided that I would not go on the first day. I was afraid that he would be scared and want his "mama". WHATEVER!!! His daddy took him, stood with him for a few minutes and said he looked like he was right at home. Like he had done this all before so off daddy went to work.
When I picked Sean up from school he hopped in the car with a HUGE smile on his face.....he says to me "I LOVED IT!"
And he sure does. He loves everything about it. He loves making new friends, singing new songs, learning new things, his teacher and best of all recess.
Brett (the sad one next to him....that's another story!) He started preschool this year (first time being away from his big brother and his mama!) He would rather be home with mama.....

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