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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baking for Charity!

Kaila and I belong to a Mother/Daughter Charity Organization called "National Charity League." I am proud to say I am a founding member of our new Chapter! I'm their Communications VP, which basically means I created their website, publish their newsletter, send weekly emails, and maintain the website. It's like having a full time job at times. Thank goodness Mike is so supportative in my newest venture because at times my house is a wreck and dinner is not made. I'm sure you'll read a ton of blog entries about our latest ventures together.

Belonging to our Chapter means Kaila and I get to volunteer ALOT! It works out great because Kaila is working on getting Green Cord hours (she needs 100 hours by May 2009.)
In September we baked items for the Christ Haven for Children Open House benefit. They held a bake sale and all proceeds went to their organization. I made Cookie Monster Cupcakes and Smore Brownies. I added a fun "sale" tag to the front that seemed to really finish off the final product!

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