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Friday, November 14, 2008

I hate people who steal!

So Kaila and I were in the front office trying to sort through that pit!
A car pulls up, a maroon vehicle like a Ford Explorer or Tahoe. It had a Fossil Ridge sticker on the back (I saw that as I was screaming at them.)

Anyways, we saw them pull in front of the mail box and the boy in the passenger seat was looking at our home. We thought maybe it was some boy who knew Kaila. Next thing I know he hops out of the car and STEALS Brandon's rip stick from the yard! (You'd think this might actually make me happy because do you realize how many times Mike and I have told him that someone is going to steal it if he keeps leaving it out??)

The incident happened at 4:30 pm!! In broad daylight. I only got a part of their licenses plate, but you can guarantee that I look every maroon vehicle that passes me by! Not sure what I'll do if I see one with a Fossil Ridge (FR) sticker on the back window and a 34 and L in the license plate, let alone with a blonde boy in the passenger seat.

I wonder if his parents would think twice when they see him riding a new rip stick? Probably not....

I called the police, they came to the house. She said that since the item was on the sidewalk (it wasn' was near the mailbox in that patch of grass) that it's consider public property. Sidewalk is considered public property, not sure about the grassy area by your own mailbox!
Basically she said, if you leave your bike or skateboard on the sidewalk, it's like "Finders Keepers" because it's on public property. She said she got the call and she literally passed 4 maroon explorer type vehicles....I guess they didn't tell her there was an FR sticker on the window and a boy in the passenger seat???? UGH!