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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Modeling Event

Kaila and I participated as "models" for a Christ Haven Women's Event. We have never modeled before so this was all new to us. We went to Belks Department store for clothes fitting, and even went to a model training to learn how to walk like a model! (pictured were two of the ladies who organized the modeling part of this fundraiser...they had the best ideas and were so much fun to work with!)

On the day of the event it was great to arrive at 8:00 am, visit with our friends, get our outfits all layed out and ready to go, had lunch, went to make up, did our hair, got dressed and then we were on by 12:45 pm. Once the show started we literally ran down the hall undressing to get into our next outfit with only a few seconds before we were back on the runway again. Once we stepped out on the stage, all our nerves were gone and I have to say "WE WORKED IT!"
Here are a few pictures. I'm hoping to find a few more from friends who took them.
That black dress I'm wearing I actually bought. (I NEVER wear dresses.) But I had to do a an accessory piece. I walked out just wearing the black dress. Then I'd add the red belt, then the red sweater, a bracelet and topped it off with a fun hat. I walked around and showed everyone, then I started taking items off to only turn right around and add a whole new set of accessories (like a scarf and fun purse and changed my belt, I also added a vest and a new belt and long the end I finished with the black dress, pearls and a big white featherly was a bit over the top but I did create 4 different outfits using that one black dress!)

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